The Eugene Zitwer Foundation, Inc.

Dear Friends,

Welcome to an opportunity to learn about The Eugene Zitwer Foundation, a small hands-on public charity that is run by volunteers for seriously ill children and their families in the New York area. Our founder, the late Edith Zitwer, had a vision to reach out to seriously ill children and their families at different venues throughout the New York area. The charity has a nickname, The Uncle Yuddy Fund, because during his lifetime Eugene Zitwer was a universal uncle to all -- everywhere he went and everyone he met was touched by his strong sense of warmth and concern for others. His character is the essence of what we have tried to capture in our work. We promote love and kindness and provide emotional support to sick children and their families in a variety of ways.

The Eugene Zitwer Foundation, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization that was formed on March 18, 1991. By providing entertainment, toys and special events to seriously ill children, The Uncle Yuddy Fund brings love, laughter and emotional support to children and their families during their times of need. The Foundation also has refurbished hospital pediatric playrooms, provided funding for medical procedures, for professionally supervised child-life staff and extended playroom hours, for holiday programs, and for video libraries and equipment. The Uncle Yuddy Fund is a celebration of life.

Warm regards,

Mary Zitwer Millman